Monthly Electric Car Rentals

Get the newest technology at the lowest possible price. Rent the future with one of our electric vehicles.

Never Pay for Gas

Charge your ride at home or a public station. Running your car on electricity means you never have to pay for gas again!

Hatchback Utility

Easily load more stuff and more people with proven hatchback utility. Get tons of cargo space, four doors, and seats that fold flat.

More Fun to Drive

Enjoy your day with more comfort and convenience. Our cars have advanced tech, premium features, and a smooth ride.

Nissan Leaf Electric Car Rental

Midsize Electric Rental

Passengers: 5 Adults Luggage: 4 Bags
Battery Range: 70 Miles Recharge Time: 30 Min

Perfect for trips around town or Whiskeytown Lake. This 100% electric Nissan Leaf is a 5-seater hatchback with lots of storage and zippy acceleration. Because there's no gas engine the ride is smooth and quiet. Comes with leather, heated seats, Bluetooth and more.

Free Home Charger Installed at Your Location

Pricing shown does not include taxes and additional required fees.

The Monthly Plan

Monthly plans start at just $299 after down payment and include alot more than you're average car rental or lease.

Flexible Commitment

Choose your desiered level of commitment based on your needs from 3 to 12 months. After your initial contract is complete your rental can either be month to month or you can renew for a discount.

1500 Monthly Miles

Have fun with your ride. Our cars come with up to 1500 monthly miles included and a fee of just $0.25 per mile beyond that. Total mileage is calculated at the end of your rental when you return the car.

Maintenance Included

Never pay for maintenance on your ride, it's included. We take care of any routine maintenance so you can enjoy your ride and save money. Our cars are well maintained by local service professionals.

Option to Purchase

Enjoy your ride? You now have the option the keep it. After your initial contract is complete you will have the option to purchase your ride at a competitive market price. We love when this happens.

Free Home Charger Installed at Your Location